Bagel. Cream Cheese. Sun Dried Tomato. Avocado. Sprouts.

Sandwiches are such a classic staple of the American diet. You can basically throw whatever is in the refrigerator under two slabs of bread and it can be good. For example, my sister made me a grilled cheese a few weeks ago with a random assortment of cheese, mostly blue cheese, and then drenched the whole thing in Siracha sauce. Woah was that a hot and powerful sandwich yet oddly intriguing.

Bottom line: Sandwiches are good; A well thought out sandwich is sensational. This one sandwich is my copy of Brew Haha’s Lunch Bagel. The first time I ordered this sandwich, I was unsure of the crazy combination of so many ingredients all crammed under a crisp bagel. It turns out that in may in fact be the best sandwich ever. When my sister and I translated it to a recipe for home, we didn’t have bagels so we used my dad’s bread. The sandwiches were always falling apart so I made two adjustments: Mash the avocado first so that it can be spread like the cream cheese and to serve it open face. Yesterday though, my dad made wood-fired oven bagels and I was finally able to replicate the fantastic Lunch Bagel.

As for this recipe, I’m not really giving definite amounts for the ingredients that you use. Sandwiches are flexible and forgiving so rely on whatever your instincts tell you. My instincts always tell me to use heaping amounts of cream cheese and to pile on the sun-dried tomatoes. Speaking of which, I recently tried Mediterranean Organic‘s sun dried tomatoes and they are out of this world. I highly recommend them.

photo 1

Wood-fired Bagel. Sun dried Tomatoes. Cream Cheese. Avocado. Red Onion. Sprouts. Tomato.

photo 3

Yum. Yum.

photo 4

Close up and personal.

photo 5

The best ingredients make the best sandwich.

Bagel. Cream Cheese. Sun Dried Tomato. Avocado. Sprouts.

Sourced from Brew Haha’s Lunch Bagel


Bagel. You can make an open faced sandwich with sourdough bread if you must.

0.25 cup Cream Cheese. Or more. Softened.

3 Sun-dried tomatoes. Sliced thinly.

0.5 Avocado

0.25 Red Onion. Thinly Sliced.

Fresh Tomato(es). Whatever type floats your boat. Thinly sliced.

Handful of Sprouts. Preferably Alfalfa.



Toast the bagel until warm and crisp. 

In a small bowl combine the Cream Cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. Spread mixture over the bottom half of the bagel.

Using the same small bowl, mash the avocado with a fork until it is of spreadable consistency. Spread onto the top half of the bagel. If making it open faced, just spread on top of cream cheese.

Add the red onion, tomatoes, and sprouts onto the bottom half of the bagel. Carefully place the top on and press down gently. Enjoy!


photo 2

Just wanted to share my new “bumper” sticker.

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